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Network Operators Committee

The Network Operators Committee has existed since 17 November 2015 and has opened a new era of exchanges and consultation between SNCF Réseau and its railway partners. It is a permanent body which represents the main players in the railway industry and whose main aim is to jointly draw up and adopt a “Network Charter”.

A common purpose shared by all the stakeholders

The Network Operators Committee is composed of the main representatives of the railway sector. These players have specific functions and complementary activities, and clearly demonstrate a shared commitment to defining a common approach focused on the optimised use of the French railway network:

  • railway undertakings
  • transportation organisation authorities (regions, STIF, French state)
  • combined transport operators, loading companies
  • infrastructure managers, service installation operators (SNCF Réseau, SNCF Gares & Connexions, ports), infrastructure managers with concessions or public service delegations (LISEA, ERE).

A permanent body dedicated to consultation and coordination

Instituted by the railway reform law of 4 August 2014, the Network Operators Committee is placed under the authority of the Chairman of the Board of SNCF Réseau. In order to ensure equity and legitimacy, this organisation has drawn its members from professional associations.

Above all, the Network Operators Committee is a permanent body dedicated to consultation and coordination between SNCF Réseau and a wide range of railway industry players.

Download list of members in French (PDF)

Co-development and adoption of a “Network Charter”

To further optimise the operation of the French national railway network and to enhance relations between the main players in the railway industry, the Network Operators Committee will provide all its partners with the opportunity to regularly exchange views on concrete subjects.

As part of its theme-based working groups, participants will exchange views and share their ideas in order to jointly draw up and adopt a “Network Charter”. The latter will be approved in a plenary session and will establish recommendations in the form of a Code of Conduct for Operations Management, following the rules previously defined with the UTP (Union of Public Railway Transport).

The Committee will also be informed of the strategic decisions of the infrastructure managers, and in the case of SNCF Réseau, of the multi-year contract signed with the French State.

Next key date: 10 February 2016

During its next session on 10 February 2016, other topics will be presented and discussed by the theme-based working groups, thereby bringing together working professionals and experts. The short-term objective will be to contribute to the development of rules and principles for the definition of the “Network Charter”.

An initial version is to be adopted in August 2016 and will serve as a practical guide for players in the railway sector. This version will comply with existing regulations and the DRR Reference Document.

It will then be submitted to ARAFER (Regulatory Authority for Railway and Road Activities) for approval and ratification.